Many people think that a professional sports career is the ticket to easy street. The reality is that these roles are often very brief and not nearly as lucrative as one might think. Even players with long and well-rewarded days in the spotlight are not going to practice their sport forever. Well before retirement, it is crucial to find a financial advisor for professional athletes at Fortis Lux Financial to help chart a course for intelligent investments and monetary security.

Pro athletes are young, relatively speaking when they make their money. It’s imperative that they work with a financial advisor to ensure they get the value over the long term from any wealth they accumulate.

When we provide financial planning for professional athletes, we work together to develop a sound blueprint for managing finances now and well into the future. We are happy to offer financial education so athletes can become valuable partners in charting their monetary course. Athletes rely on focus, dedication, and preparation to get to the big leagues. This mindset can also be harnessed to manage finances. Contact us today to develop a plan and put it into action.

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