Achieve your goals with advice from your chief financial officer. We work closely with business owners, executives, and individuals to manage their finances properly. At our company, your needs are our priority.

Everyone needs advice on how to run their finances to avoid debt or tax fraud. We carefully tailor our financial plans based on your short- and long-term goals. Let us integrate every area of our business into one successful strategy that benefits you.

Your Personal Advisor

As your personal CFO in New York, we are ready to support your needs and ensure you have a stable future. We can meet the demands that your business requires. Our consultations give business owners, individuals, and families appropriate support when making financial decisions.

We are a team of financial advisors, business experts, and consultants. Our goal is to represent your life structure properly. We will review your financial documents before creating a customized strategy.

Our ideal and successful financial plans come from solid relationships with each client. Their trust and exciting future goals allow us to plan based on your needs. We want to learn about your aspirations, passions, and values for suitable guidance. Fortis Lux Financial is part of your team, and we will deliver the highest level of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What qualifications should you look for when hiringa personal CFO?
Q: What kind of financial strategies and planning can a personal CFO provide?
Q: How can a personal CFO help with tax planning, investments, and risk management?

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