Can You Pandemic-Proof Your Financial Future?

The economy is on the rebound from COVID-19, but science warns there might be more to come. Here are 9 tips aimed at helping you build a stable financial future.

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Fortis Lux Announces New Impact Investment Initiative

The new Impact Investment initiative from Fortis Lux aims to address the wealth gap that so many black and minority entrepreneurs face. We’re dedicating a portion of our advisory fees to support diversity-focused organizations. Fortis Lux Announces New Impact Investment Initiative.

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5 Ways Millennials Can Build Wealth That Is Designed to Last

Financial management can be overwhelming for some millennials, but with the right approach, you can still build wealth that lasts.

Some affluent millennials are finding it hard to grow and retain wealth because of the financially difficult times that have influenced their careers. As such, they may need to work beyond retirement age, even though they’re doing well now. Or the money they’ve made so far won’t have the impact they’d like it to.

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