Meaningful Ways to “Shine A Light” on Ukraine

This campaign is open to all, including family, friends, and clients.

One of our shared values at Fortis Lux is to help others, especially supporting those directly impacted by adversity and hardship. In the past several weeks, we’ve been heartbroken and appalled by the ongoing crisis unfolding in Ukraine. Millions of innocent Ukrainians have been displaced from their homes and separated from their families. In honor of our commitment to the communities we serve, Fortis Lux is calling on everyone to join our 'Shine A Light on Ukraine’ campaign. Fortis Lux offers a few ways to support Ukraine on the front lines of the crisis.

Choice 1
1:1 Match

Choice 2
Donate Supplies

You can make a donation directly to one of our vetted and pre-selected charities from the list below, submit your proof of donation and Fortis Lux will match the donation to the same charity.

You can purchase supplies from our Fortis Lux Amazon Registry. We partnered with an organization to deliver the goods to Poland then distribute them to the Refugees as well as the people in Ukraine.

Please remember to change the shipping address to "Gift Registry Address" so the items will be delivered to the Fortis Lux NYC office.

Submit Donation ReceiptVisit the Amazon Registry Here

Revived Soldiers Ukraine funds medication and medical supplies for army hospitals on the front line. Donate here.

Razom was created for Ukrainian emergency response missions in 2014 and hand out first aid kits and other medical supplies to help those on the ground in Ukraine. Donate here. It is also coordinating much of the rallies and pro-Ukraine events here in NYC.

UNICEF provides life-saving programs for the country's 7.5 million children. Donate here.

Sunflower for Peace provides first-aid backpacks to doctors and paramedics on the front line. Donate here.

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