Owning and operating a small business takes a lot of hard work, balance, and prioritization. With countless responsibilities to juggle, it can be easy for certain aspects of your business to fall through the cracks. That’s where we come in. At Fortis Lux Financial, we’re proud to be a trusted financial advisor for small business owners. Our clients depend on us for valuable financial advice to help them reach the next step in their business journey.

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Your business is as unique as you are. Therefore, you don’t want the same financial advice as the business next door or across the street. You need one-of-a-kind advice tailored to your unique requirements and vision. And that’s precisely what you’ll receive from Fortis Lux Financial. We excel when it comes to wealth management for small business owners. Rely on us to develop a custom strategy to advance your business and move you closer to your goals.

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Financial Planning Tips for Small Businesses

Financial planning for small business owners is often a headache; they started their company because of their passion for their field, not calculations and paperwork. We understand how frustrating it can be to unravel numbers and tax codes, which is why our advisors are here to help. The following are some of our top tips for our clients to get you started.

Separate Your Business and Personal Goals: When you’re a small business owner, your job can permeate every part of your life. However, it’s vital to not only keep your finances separate but also distinguish between your business and personal priorities. If they become too enmeshed, you could end up hurting one—or both.

Create Succession and Exit Plans Early: Many assume that succession and exit plans are strictly a final stage for small business financial planning. While it’s true that you may not need either for many years—or decades—it’s best to start thinking about it early since life is unpredictable. What if you suffer an accident and must step back sooner than planned? If the economy looks like it might go south, will you stick it out or exit early to cut losses? The sooner you start considering these scenarios, the more prepared you’ll be.

Explore All of Your Funding Options: It’s tempting to rely on only yourself and the capital you can personally raise, but it may be in your best interests to diversify your funding. As part of your small business financial planning, you should research all of the options available to you, from angel investors and crowdfunding to grants and business loans.

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