Amitkumar Patel

Financial Services Representative

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Amit was born in India, in the state of Gujarat where he also completed his Bachelor’s of Commerce. He studied Computer Science in Toronto for two years,and once this was complete, he moved to New York.


Around ten years ago, identifying the needs of his community, he became an entrepreneur. He took pride in getting to know the people who walked into his business and felt very connected to those he served. Opening his business and becoming an integral part of his neighborhood brought forward a desire to find other ways to be of service. He began to notice that a meaningful financial education was missing within his community and could be incredibly beneficial. Not just for those he was surrounded by, but for anyone who may have been interested in developing a financial understanding tailored to their circumstances. It was at this time he forged a new path, garnering his certifications as a financial professional. With a new venture underway, a passionate heart, focused drive and zeal for his new work, he applied himself around the clock assisting anyone who reached out for his help.


During a period of constant engagement with his work, which at times was admitted lyinundating, he came to truly understand how precious his loved ones were to him. Through this, he was able to see more clearly the importance of financial services and stability for individuals and their families in their journeys towards varying degrees of financial freedom. From building protections that guard against life’s unpredictable circumstances, to helping the next generation plan for their education- guiding people towards healthy financial choices is of utmost importance to Amit.

Amithas three children of his own, two girls and a boy, whom he deeply enjoys spending time with. When he is not being “master chef”, applying his creativity in the kitchen for his family, they are all out hiking or rafting together. He has a passion for sports, specifically cricket as he plays as a part of the Westchester Cricket League and he also enjoys a bit of soccer.