Andrae Delisser

Financial Services Representative

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A professional strength that Andrae Delisser has taken pride in throughout his career, is his ability to commit the undivided attention needed to analyze prospective financial solutions on behalf of his clients.  Objectivity, another strong suit, allows him to recognize patterns in what he discovers on behalf of the client and present it in a clear and concise manner. It is here that he invests his time and effort, which sets up the groundwork for developing a trusting client advisor relationship.


A dedicated and experienced financial services representative, Andrae has been working as a financial advisor for more than ten years. Among his many abilities, his primary focus is assessing his clients’ needs and goals. He offers guidance along their financial paths, working to make the appropriate recommendations. This is the case, whether his guidance is meant to navigate financial circumstances to suit the client at the level of family or individual; he strives to provide feasible financial solutions.


In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors and a good book.