Balaji Sathrugnan

SVP | Director of South Asian Markets

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Balaji Sathrugnan joined Fortis Lux Financial in June 2020 to further expand his life insurance expertise and knowledge of the financial services industry. He also saw a great opportunity to leverage his international experience in order to increase the firm’s stake within the South Asian Market.


He specializes in life insurance and retirement products and has a command of retail and corporate client requirements. At Fortis Lux, his focal point has been on the customization of retirement benefits and financial planning for business owners. Attending to high net worth and salaried individuals, he’s carefully guided clients to achieving some of their high priority financial goals.

“I like how the staff (that are) involved in the operational tasks, stand out in efficiently handling client inquiries at Fortis”, Balaji says. This is part of what drew him to the firm- having experienced success for over fifteen years in life and retirement planning sales, he believes that the “client is king” (or “queen”) of the financial services domain. Fortis Lux provides him with a conducive work arrangement, flexibility and optimal alternatives based on unique client requirements.

Balaji knows himself to be a self-driven and perseverant person. His strength is to build and develop new relationships, nurturing them with efficacy and humility.

An ardent cricket and tennis fan, Balaji has followed both sports since early childhood. Now, he coaches for his son- Sachin Tendulkar, who’s namesake is a famous cricket player from Balaji’s youth. They currently reside in Princeton, New Jersey. A family of four, they not long ago, discovered their new charming home.