Charles Dweck, A.I.F. ®

Director of Retirement Services

Investment Advisor Representative, CA License# 0F01236
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Charles Dweck is recognized for his specialty focus on the needs of business owners. As the head of the firm’s Strategic Business OwnerPlanning Initiative, Charles advises business owners on creative strategies aimed to achieve personal and business financial goals. Other financial professionals within the firm also turn to Charles for his deep knowledge and creative thinking.

Charles was recently named the Director of Retirement PlanServices at Fortis Lux. While many companies have a 401(k), Charles realizes that a properly designed qualified plan can be the cornerstone of any retirement planning for a business owner. The design, selection and execution of the plans he recommends focus on 3 key elements: Dynamic experience for the participants with proper financial wellness planning, maximum benefit for the owner, and fiduciary coverage to ensure proper compliance.


Charles understands that business owners are pulled into many different directions and are juggling multiple priorities. As anAccredited Investment Fiduciary designee (AIF®), Charles is trained to manage/advise clients’ on their plan assets with a fundamental understanding of theprinciples of fiduciary duty, acting as a fiduciary, and carrying out fiduciary responsibility.


As planning strategies are constantly arising and changing,Charles spends a significant amount of time vetting ideas for his clients for their benefits as well as their legitimacy. He attends several conferences, isa member of several high level planning associations, meets with legal and tax attorneys, and is always keeping an ‘ear to the ground’ to know what is the latest concept being employed.


Charles is well suited to work with business owners. Having grown up in a family business, he gained insight into the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Later, while he pursued his degree in Finance from RutgersUniversity, Charles worked A full time schedule. Charles considers working in that business the hardest but also the most invaluable education he ever received.


All of which are attributes that Charles possesses, along with high energy, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude. Charles’‘Driven’ personality can best be captured by this quote, which hangs on his office wall: “Greatness is achieved not when a great result is reached, but long before that, when an individual makes the choice to do what is necessary to become great.”

Charles is strongly dedicated to giving back and invests significant time and energy as a Board member to a flagship charitable organization in his community.


Charles and his wife, Marlene, have four children and live in Brooklyn. Outside of work Charles expresses his creativity by playing guitar.