David Polson, CFA®

Financial Services Representative

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David Polson, with over 30 years in financial services, specializes in protection strategies for families and professionals. He excels in offering solutions that not only aid in saving for retirement goals but also provide protection against life's uncertainties and risks. David's ideal clients are those who value the integration of stable, insurance-based financial products into their overall strategy.


Driven by a desire to apply his extensive knowledge of insurance and stable financial products, David focuses on enhancing the financial well-being of individuals, families, and businesses. His approach is personal, understanding each client's unique needs and providing tailored strategies for long-term financial security.


Outside of his professional life, David enjoys fitness activities, hiking, camping, and music (including attending concerts and playing guitar). He is also dedicated to continual learning, taking academic courses, and values spending quality time with friends and family. His diverse interests and commitment to personal growth reflect in his holistic approach to financial services at Fortis Lux Financial.