Deborah Ann Crawford

Financial Services Representative

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Debbie joined Fortis Lux Financial in June2020. Debbie was educated at Hofstra University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.  She has always had a strong work ethic and drive to succeed, starting off with her early high school graduation and first job working in bookkeeping.  Her experience working with finances led her to the decision to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).*


Debbie served as the CFO of Markson ManagementServices for over twenty years.  She prides herself on building strong relationships with the executive team which allowed her to manage effectively.  The Markson Connection coaches Chiropractors to become better people both professionally and personally.  She was involved in the day to day financial & managerial operations and developed strong, trusting relationships with the members for over 30 years she  worked with them.


As a Financial Representative at Fortis LuxFinancial, Debbie works hard to educate and empower her clients in their financial lives.  Her goal is to have her clients protect their assets, including themselves, first then teach them how to become world class savers and prepare for their financial future. She uses a consultative process to gain a detailed understanding of her clients’ deepest values and financial goals.  She forms customized recommendations designed to address each client’s unique needs and goals.  


Debbie’s specialties include life insurance, disability income insurance and long term care.


Debbie has been introducing the benefits ofJuvenile Insurance to her clients.  She has found that many do not understand the value of insuring children.  Her clients are located in several states as her target market is the chiropractors, their families and friends that she has worked with for many years.


Having been in the Financial Services field her whole career, Debbie was drawn to the idea of helping the people closest to her create impactful financial strategies. For over twenty years, Debbie has been a practicing CPA*, which gives her a unique perspective on holistic financial services.  She looks forward to the opportunity to develop her new client base in Sussex County, Delaware, where she owns a residence.


*Licensed but not practicing