Emilio Rivera

To follow Emilio Rivera’s career trajectory is to read a directory listing of the top names in financial services. Emilio has worked on just about every platform there is in the industry – from investments to banking to insurance. He has served as an advisor, sales manager, team manager, and a divisional lead overseeing hundreds of advisors in New York City and Northern New Jersey. In short – he knows our business inside and out.

All along, Emilio has been on a quest to find a place that is more entrepreneurial in nature. He has continued to seek more flexibility and the opportunity to recruit financial advisors from diverse backgrounds who are interested in delivering holistic solutions to their clients. He has wanted more, for himself and for his teams.

Then in 2019, Emilio joined Fortis Lux and finally found what he had been looking for.

“I love the vision and the leadership behind this organization,” says Emilio. Having experienced so many different business models, Emilio is quick to cite the differences he sees in Fortis Lux. He points to the open architecture of the firm that is designed to help financial professionals get up and running quickly with a robust support model that will help elevate their business. “Our back office helps with everything from case design to financial planning, we have in-house asset management for those who want it, and we’re not beholden to any single company’s products.”

At Fortis Lux, Emilio looks forward to building out a team of experienced financial professionals who are looking for the next phase of growth in their career. He is convinced that with the support infrastructure for which Fortis Lux is known, along with the proper mentorship and attention, these individuals will find the firm a place where they can thrive.

As for his own contribution to an financial professional's success, Emilio considers himself a hands-on manager who gets involved in helping his team members reach their goals. He believes that the financial services industry is an ever-changing business, and that those who succeed are both adaptable and coachable. One of the strengths that Emilio likes to cultivate within his teams is discipline. “In environments like ours, it’s typically not product knowledge or market conditions that trip up financial professionals, it’s the discipline to follow through,” he says.

A lifelong New Yorker, Emilio studied political science at NYU, and currently resides on Staten Island with his wife, Susan, and their two sons. Among his favorite ways to spend time is watching his boys play baseball after school and on weekends. He likes to unwind by cooking, drinking good wine, and occasionally playing a round of paintball.