Jermaine Wilson-Snell

Financial Services Professional

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Jermaine Wilson-Snell understands the importance of shoring up financial resources, not only for a rainy day, but for clients in their later years. Among many strengths as a financial professional, she has gained knowledge regarding social security and the various claiming strategies.Jermaine enjoys working with those who are serious about their financial futures; offering guidance for financial choices made in the present, helping to create room for a bit more security in the future. Jermaine sees an unspoken need among many Americans, to begin and sustain important conversations and behaviors that could facilitate healthy financial habits.


Jermaine completed a dual B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics with a focus on Finance, which was received from CUNY- Brooklyn College. As a parent to four daughters and an advocate for broadening a healthy financial dialogue, Jermaine saw the value in “a company that is dedicated to attracting and recognizing women as strong financial professionals, providing continued support…”. It is with this perspective that Jermaine joined Fortis LuxFinancial, as there is alignment in the organization's values and her own.


She spends her spare time with her husband and girls (who love baking). She also enjoys road trips, listening to music and participates in many hours of volunteer work. Her volunteering is beneficial to her and her community, as she continues to engage, give back, invest time, attention and energy.