Julio Garcia Casco

With over a decade of unparalleled experience, my expertise lies in tax-efficient strategies, retirement foresight, cash flow optimization, and exploring other financial strategies that are designed to help you meet your financial goals.  


My passion for financial precision is profound, but there's a special place in my heart for assisting real estate professionals. Their unique financial challenges, from setting up health insurance and 401k benefits to innovating tax strategies like Deferred Benefit Plans and Split-Dollar Agreements, resonate with me deeply. Helping their financial world harmonize and flourish gives me immense satisfaction.


My commitment has earned me accolades such as the NYC Council citation for community service. Among professional achievements, I'm honored to be part of the esteemed advisor circle and proudly am a member of the Court of the Table.


Off the clock, I relish golfing weekends, the adrenaline of Formula 1 races shared with my cherished family, and tranquil moments at our personal haven - RoanokeVineyards. Committed to giving back, I champion causes like the NY Botanical Gardens, offer my skills to Counseling in Schools, and make yearly contributions to the Scarsdale PBA.


To all Real Estate mavens, let's unite our expertise. Whether it's navigating cashflow challenges, amplifying your wealth trajectory, or envisioning a serene retirement - my mission is to bestow tranquility and financial security upon you and your loved ones, now and always.