Karen Li

Financial Services Representative

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Karen Li is an artist at heart. She grew up painting as a kid and when she made it to higher education, studied graphic design. With this educational experience under her belt, she has worked as a graphic designer, and also a make-up artist. This exposure enriches Karen’s perspective as she can think holistically and creatively in order to assist her clients with their financial goals. Using the tools she has gained over the years, she finds that learning how to manage one’s relationship to money is just as important, as gaining wealth. It allows an individual to feel a bit more confident in times of uncertainty, and sometimes this makes all the difference. This was something that she understood long before the pandemic but was able to put it to practice with her clients. A financial services representative, she is always learning new things about the market. She believes, “The more I know, the better I am”.  This ever-increasing knowledge along with her creativity and independent attitude allow her to bring unique value to the market and her clients.  “Learning from others, guides me in helping my clients reach their financial goals…”.


In her free time Karen loves to travel and is a very active person. She truly enjoys a long list of sports along with being with family and friends.