Paige Donaghy

Talent Acquisition Manager

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Paige Donaghy is a Talent Acquisition Manager for Fortis Lux Financial, who hails from Pennsylvania. Before joining the firm, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics, after which she worked on a wealth management team with five billion dollars worth of assets under management. Due to her prior experience, Paige is well acquainted with the fluctuating needs of the financial advisor. She can also appreciate the different limitations that may arise for each individual. Paige takes pride in being able to work in tandem with financial professionals in order to find solutions to various issues. As a Talent Acquisition Manager and self-professed “people person”, Paige looks forward to working with all the different individuals employed by Fortis Lux Financial. Her zeal and passion to understand different people from their perspective is what motivates her to do her best on behalf of the advisors and her team.


In her spare time, Paige enjoys yoga, cooking and reading a good book.