Pedro Batista

Pedro is an experienced financial services professional working with individual families, closely held businesses and professional athletes to secure their financial future. He has been in the field for over ten years, making his way to Fortis Lux Financial from New York Life. He has worked with clients to create and manage plans that offer appropriate options and protection strategies to help them build their wealth. Before his work at New York Life, he studied Business at NYU. He had a brief stint in real estate where he gained his license to practice. And originally, he started off as a stylist, making the rich and famous alike feel and look good. He was able to utilize one of his strengths- connecting with people, just as he did as a stylist.

When the market crashed in 2008, he was one of the first to witness how even the most financially successful individuals were rocked by its impact. Within the world of finance, he could make an even greater impression on people’s lives and in turn, the surrounding community he admired. While wealth accrual may be viewed by some as important, he saw that it was just as imperative to put practices in place to help preserve wealth. He believes that it is just as significant to set oneself up to make responsible choices financially. Pedro refers to himself as a serial networker- he loves building relationships. He also employs his knack for connecting with people by creating networking events. His workshops allow likeminded individuals to find one another, it builds bridges amongst those who ultimately help each other’s businesses grow.

Wanting to offer a broader range of services and a comprehensive protection strategy platform, he decided to join Fortis Lux as a Senior Vice President in 2019. Pedro’s goal is to help his clients make well-informed decisions on the types of protection strategies that are right for them. This is part of what brought him to the world of finance in the first place- he thoroughly enjoys having a positive influence on people by helping his clients thrive, accrue and preserve their wealth. Life can be spontaneous, which is why he emphasizes the importance of adjusting tactics as the client’s goals and needs change. This allows for a truly organic experience- those under his guidance learn to make the most appropriate choices for them in the current moment, while leveraging those choices for their future. Pedro understands that each approach will need to be as unique as the person he works alongside. They are not just clients to Pedro, they over time become friends and he sits firmly in their corner.

Pedro enjoys traveling and loves a good beach- he most recently vacationed to Cartagena, Columbia where he attended an elite family office conference. Being with his family is as equally fulfilling as the work he gets to do. He has a big and well-meaning heart, he appreciates when he gets to share. He also travels with his kids for their sporting events and spends as much time with them as humanly possible. When he has a moment to himself you can find him enjoying the delights of fine dining, playing basketball, golf or working out at the gym.