Fortis Lux is proud to offer a financial services division designed for professionals in the Sports & Entertainment industries. This division is focused on assisting these high-powered, high-earning individuals to continue to provide for their families and help protect the wealth they have built.

We work with the individuals in:

    Actors, Directors, Producers & Executives in film, television & theater

    Singers, Musicians, Songwriters & Executives in all music genres

    Professional Athletes, Coaches, Owners & Executives in all major sports

    Designers, artists, photographers, art directors, models & all executives in the art and fashion industry

Serving Unique Need & Demands

The Sports & Entertainment Division offers exclusive services to meet the sophisticated needs of these high-powered individuals. Fortis Lux Financial will also provide seamless collaboration with their other financial professionals, player agents and managers. The Division will accommodate the intense demands of work, travel schedules, and other restraints by offering non-traditional business hours in multiple time zones.

Areas of focus will include:

Guiding athletes and entertainers to learn about financial strategies and insurance that make sense as their careers grow, customizing those plans based on their financial goals and needs, and helping to ensure that they understand the costs and impact

Helping plan a smooth transition to the next stage, whether that’s their next career step or a financially empowered retirement

Creating a legacy through philanthropic and charitable giving, estate planning, and succession planning for their business endeavors