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At Fortis Lux, our primary objective is to guide clients in the careful crafting, monitoring, and preservation of their retirement plans. Our specialty lies in providing tailor-made retirement plans for businesses, addressing your specific needs and goals. Our uniquely comprehensive approach is designed to help you navigate the complexities of retirement planning with ease and confidence.

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Guiding Your Fiduciary Obligations: Navigate Regulatory Challenges Confidently

In the current regulatory environment, understanding and managing fiduciary responsibilities is crucial. We help guide you through each aspect of this process - from making informed decisions about the initial plan design to education. Our unbiased assessment of your existing fiduciary structure helps identify potential risks and presents an effective roadmap for enhanced protection. 

Evaluating Your Fiduciary Fitness: Streamline Your Retirement Plans

How Robust is Your Plan? Tackling your fiduciary responsibilities can be intricate. We help mitigate this complexity by drafting a formal investment policy statement and setting transparent criteria for selecting and scrutinizing investment managers. Meeting fiduciary responsibilities can often be complicated. We help manage this risk by formulating a formal investment policy statement and by setting precise criteria for helping you select and monitor investment managers.

Vendor Benchmarking and Due Diligence Analysis: Making Informed Decisions

We support you throughout the process, analyze and review proposals, and provide experienced guidance to help you make informed and knowledgeable decisions. We access to an extensive technology tools to help monitor and evaluate fund managers and investment strategies, working to optimize performance.

Unbiased Assessment of Your Fiduciary Structure: Identify Risks, Define Solutions

We offer an impartial examination of your existing fiduciary framework, pinpointing potential risks and providing a strategic roadmap to help bolster your plan's fiduciary protection. How well does your current advisor fulfill the roles of a 3(21) or a 3(38) fiduciary? Is your investment analyst truly independent from your providers? Do you have a current fee service agreement with your advisor? Are your plan participants adequately prepared for retirement?

Assessing Plan Design: Helping to Ensure Your Objectives are Met

Is your current plan design aligned with your goals? We provide a thorough assessment of your company’s retirement plan objectives and evaluate possible plan solutions.

Active Plan Management & Employee Education Support: Empowering Your Team

We streamline your retirement planning process through comprehensive participant education, proactive plan management, balanced employee benefit programs, and tailored financial wellness services. We equip your participants with critical resources and tools, actively engaging them in planning for their future. By understanding your unique goals as a plan sponsor, we customize our approach, effectively balancing employer and employee needs. Our team at Fortis Lux Financial excels in clarifying the intricate components of retirement plans, designing personalized strategies for each participant. Furthermore, our fiduciary due diligence is designed to ensure adherence to compliance and the achievement of your objectives, fostering a brighter financial future for all.

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We're dedicated to inspiring your employees to save adequately now to help ensure that they are prepared for retirement. This requires a holistic planning approach to retirement, concentrating on real results.

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Ensuring a Brighter Future

We're dedicated to inspiring your employees to save adequately now to help ensure a stable retirement. This requires a novel approach to retirement, concentrating on real results.

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Assist and answer questions about employer-sponsored retirement plan.

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Design and deliver financial literacy content to help guide employees on the path to financial wellness through workshops, newsletter, etc.

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Support from highly trained and knowledgeable professionals to help employees stay on track for their financial goals.

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Provide access to personalized comprehensive financial planning with ongoing guidance.

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We strive to enhance your employees' retirement journey, offering a holistic perspective of their retirement plans, customizing their experience, and aiding them in managing their finances. Innovation is the heartbeat of our operations, underpinning our unwavering commitment to assist individuals in attaining financial independence. We are committed to surpassing conventional boundaries, delivering exceptional products, unmatched service, and comprehensive retirement solutions.