Luxury for the Soul

Life is about experiences and the moments we spend taking in the world around us. I wanted to share a different kind of experience with you – one that reflects what I’ve been doing, and what I’ve been enjoying in hopes that you might share your experiences as well. By sharing experiences, we can increase our understanding and joy in humanity, luxury, and the living, breathing world around us.

This newsletter is just the first of many to come where we can share our love for the people, places, and organizations that are making a difference and have had an impact on us. More importantly, it’s where we get to share with you in hopes that you will share back with us. Take some time to read through the great experiences and places we’ve visited recently, and then get in touch!

Art & Artists to Fall in Love With - Nelson Makamo’s “BLUE” Exhibition

1. Johannesburg-based Nelson Makamo uses his gift for visual arts to give voice to the unheard children of his birthplace, Limpopo, the northernmost province of South Africa. Acrylic, print, watercolor, and charcoal drawings bring to life still portraits of the children so dear to his heart.

2. Nelson spoke at the
Harvard Center for African Studies about art as activism: Art is the new politics that gives voice to everyone, no matter how powerless they feel. Not only is he using his craft to tell their story, but Nelson also mentors many young artists from South Africa. He brings to life a passion for art in all who meet him and encourages those who want to begin collecting to support artists on their trajectory.

3. Nelson Makamo is a fast-rising artist. Ava Duvernay helped place him on the cover of Time Magazine, and later Oprah and Gayle King traveled to South Africa to visit

4. I discovered Nelson Makamo on IG via famous DJ
Black Coffee. I was so moved by his paintings that I had to reach out to him and was pleasantly surprised when he responded.

5. Whether posed or engaged in rowdy activities, many of his subjects sport bright, round glasses, emphasizing Makamo's focus on viewing the world through the lens of childhood. His subjects “embody the peace and harmony we all strive for in life, the search for eternal joy lies in the child within us all.”

Socially responsible companies that drive awareness and equality are something we’re passionate about at Fortis Lux. If you’d like to learn more about our Impact Investment Initiative,
read the full article here.

Places to Soothe the Soul – Napa Valley’s Pasterick Wines

1. Pasterick Wines is located in Dry Creek Valley. They produce their wines using methods that originated in the Northern Rhone region of France. Their passion for wines begins in the vineyards that they’ve been tending, guiding, and cultivating since the early 1900s. Today, the 10-acre vineyard is divided into six small blocks of Syrah and five small blocks of Viognier. Founders Gerry and Diane continue to work in the winery, but they’ve instilled a love of their art in their children Alexis and Brett, who have taken the reins as the winemakers for the next generation.

2. Their 2015 Syrah won a gold medal for the 2020 North Coast Wine Challenge, and you don’t have to visit their wine cave to try it, though the trip is highly suggested.

3. They do limited runs and have a membership-based wine club.

4. I was given the opportunity to attend a birthday party at this family-owned vineyard. It was the first private dinner they hosted, and they brought in a talented local chef. It was amazing to meet the family and hear about their unique process.

5. I love supporting local and family-owned businesses and also having the chance to get to know people in different settings. I had the opportunity to form deeper connections and learn new things about friends. I believe people are craving experiences, and a visit to Pasterick Wines is one anyone will remember.

Organizations with Purpose – Arena Football Association

1. The Arena Football Association (AFA) is an up-and-coming organization with an interesting business model. Their passion is helping athletes who don’t initially make it into the NFL.

2. The AFA’s is to become a pipeline for the NFL and players post-NFL seasons.

3. AFA is helping others create smaller leagues throughout the country and learn how to structure this as a profitable business.

4. To reach their goals of profitable leagues, AFA helps players with financial literacy and to properly navigate their careers.

5. On July 23rd, they will be hosting the Carrier Cup on the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, TX.

Noteworthy Events - Art Basel Miami Beach

1. If there’s anything more romantic than the weather, the starlight, and the living, breathing city of Miami around you in early December, it’s Art Basel. The event was a feast for the eyes and the senses, hosting an eclectic mix of art all in one place. Art Basel overflows with interesting people, exhilarating fashion, sumptuous restaurants, luxe hotels, and the perfect vibe to set your mind racing.

2. Regrettably, Virgil Abloh from LVMH had just passed away, but a beautiful homage to him kicked things off. It was respectful, touching, and so full of heart it nearly stole the show.

3. Luncheon at the newly opened Good Time Hotel was a delight with collectors from Europe to Middle America. The Soho House also hosted a private luncheon with an eclectic group.

4. I discovered a new artist out of Belgium, Bastiaan Woudt. His black and white images captured more life and vibrancy than many paintings I have seen. They were breathtaking and I would have gladly spent hours pondering them if I could. I reached out to him to share how his artwork moved me, and I was elated when he responded.

5. Most of the art you actually see at Art Basel has already been sold. You need to develop relationships with gallery owners to get the inside scoop.

People of Interest – 5 Things I admire about Felix Malitsky (Fortis Lux CEO)

1. Promotes a culture of inclusion - From the senior level down, Felix built a firm that encourages different perspectives and values unique opinions.

2. Intellect – Felix can analyze numbers five steps ahead of everyone else, but never lets someone feel embarrassed if they’re unable to do the same. He’s an educator and focuses his time lifting people up.

3. Diversity and transparency - Felix thrives on diversity and transparency. He strives to ensure clients, advisors, and employees all feel welcome and included.

4. He’s driven – Felix put Fortis Lux on the map. He inspires you to be your best. He’s a leader who believes to do better for you is to do better for us all. He’s one of the leaders that has inspired me the most.

5. Self-disciplined - Felix is driven. He’s adept at removing distractions and obstacles and knows his strengths and weaknesses. He believes in setting clear goals and executes plans to make those goals a reality.

Thank you for spending time with me and some of my favorite things. I’d love to hear from you about what you’ve been up to and some incredible sites you’ve seen recently. Who knows, your favorite sites and events may become ones I treasure as my own!

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